Cheating Widespread in NFL? Coaches Should Be Role Models

This may be worse than dog fighting or illegal video taping: justifying cheating. There are 2 sides to this Belichick fiasco: moral outrage on the one hand, “Everybody’s doing it” on the other. There are a lot of voices (e.g., Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer) that are saying essentially, “It’s no big deal. Everybody’s doing it.” If this is true, if cheating is really this widespread in the NFL, then that’s the biggest problem. It was never right for pitchers to load the ball up in the old days (e.g., Gaylord Perry) or any of the subtle ways of getting an edge in any sport. Intentional, high-tech cheating like this, if justified means the NFL’s ethics are shot. We’ve been demanding players be role models; what about coaches? Shouldn’t the old guys be role models if anyone is?

(We all know there was always something fishy about “The Tuck” that started the tainted Patriots dynasty.)

But lots of voices are decrying the cheating. Terry Bradshaw called Belichick “arrogant.” I guess that makes Bill an arrogant cheater. Repent, Bill.


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