Patriots Do Their Talking on the Field (Afraid to Talk Off It)

Free Dictionary 9/16/07
Fate arranged that the Free Dictionary quote of the day on Sept. 16, the Patriots’ first time on the field since their dishonest enterprise was discovered, was this one. The Pats dominated the mostly hapless San Diego Chargers. (They were probably too preoccupied with trying to figure out if New England had something else dishonest up their sleeve.)

All week Bill Belichick acted like a little boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar audaciously telling his parents, “I’m moving on. I’m thinking about other things now. Can I have some milk to go with this?” Belichick’s dodge may be the slickest part of this whole deal. I don’t know if anyone caught cheating has ever so brazenly refused to talk about it. After saying he’d have more to say, he later said he didn’t have anything to say. How about an honest answer, Bill. You can shine your tarnished legacy up a bit by being forthcoming and contrite.

Meanwhile, there is no evidence to verify the rumor that the Patriots would rename their team the Dodgers.


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