T.O. Does Something Right

I’m no fan of that supreme narcissist Terrell Owens, but T.O. was fined for doing something right this time. Thestar.com reported:

After seeing the videotape of Terrell Owens’ latest touchdown celebration, the National Football League office wasn’t laughing.

Owens said yesterday he was fined “a good chunk of money” – which he later defined as thousands of dollars – for a celebration that included him using the goal post and football to poke fun at the New England Patriots’ spying scandal during Dallas’ 37-20 victory over Miami on Sunday.

A league spokesman said the fine was $7,500 (U.S.).

“It wasn’t even the fact I used the goal post as a prop,” Owens said. “They said I used the ball.”

(Read the whole report here.)

Owens highjinks long ago ceased to be funny, but this one should have garnered a hearty “amen” from anyone who’s concerned about the integrity of professional football. The NFL wants this to go away because it calls into question the end results of previous games and seasons. A multi-billion dollar enterprise is suddenly seen as polluted and false. All those close games our teams lost … were they being cheated? How many more skeletons are in the New England closet? And which other teams are involved in similar misconduct? The integrity of the whole NFL is at stake.

So, for once, more power to T.O. Let’s keep shining the light on criminal wrongdoing … and let’s find it all.


1 Response to “T.O. Does Something Right”

  1. 1 harry April 17, 2009 at 9:24 am

    He’s the man. No matter what kind of celebration T.O. does he should never be fined. If your that good you cant help make fun of the underskilled players,

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