Belichick Out to Humiliate

“The Patriots didn’t need to cheat against the Jets. They would have slaughtered them anyway.” This is a defense a lot of Patriot fans have been driven back to since Patriotgate. They are right. This is one of the things that makes this even worse. There have been coaches in the NFL (they’re known as “good sports”), like Bill Walsh, who refuse to run up the score on a hapless opponent who is already clearly defeated. Belichick, not being a “good sport,” is not in that category. What Patriotgate shows the world is that Belichick does not just want to win, he wants to humiliate the teams he knows he’s going to beat. He is trying to cement his own reputation as a great coach by unethically running up the score on lowly teams, much like big NCAA schools have done with lowly ones, at least until Appalachian State.

Bill Belichick is not a good sport … he is not a good coach … he is a talented coach. It will only be justice if he receives some of the humiliation he has been attempting to rain down on second-rate teams.


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