Lawrence Taylor = Bill Belichick?

Greg Garber, senior writer for, said this, in “To explain Belichick, go to the tape”:

When details of the signal-stealing emerged a few weeks ago, I thought of something Belichick once told me about Taylor. Despite his bouts with drug use and his sometimes messy personal life, Taylor always gave his best effort — such that it sometimes was — on the field.

“Lawrence completely sells out on every play,” Belichick said. “He doesn’t care about his body — or anyone else’s for that matter. He will do anything it takes to win. Anything.

“The same thing that makes him [an unlikable] human being,” Belichick added in a telling aside, “makes him one of the greatest players who ever lived.”

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I believe the same is true of Bill Belichick.

And forget all those quotes about character.


1 Response to “Lawrence Taylor = Bill Belichick?”

  1. 1 bob smith February 2, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    Wow!! hoe ridiculous !!! who cares about Bill bellicheck and Brady and for that matter the NFL as a whole. It’s an entertainment game and like all entertainment it is most obviously rigged to provide the greatest amount of proceeds or to the highest bidder. Point in Question, the pats 2 games in 05, 06 playoffs to be able to obtain an un defeated record for 07 until the senators got involved .
    The Pats probably may have won both 05, 06 season but negotiated a deal for an 07 undefeated season . In addition the NFL made them repay the Superbowl win if 2001 which was a patriotic win for sure.
    Due to this demise and neglect of contract that the pats had with the NFL to go undefeated and that Ton brady , who is well in the midst of it, was so upset he wouldn’t play the next season , no not even 1 quarter of it , even in the preseason he did not play to show the NFL that he wasn’t happy that they gave up possibly 2 championships for the undefeated 07 season.
    Didn’t anyone notice when the pats lost to the colts,who went on to win the big one were up 20-3 at halftime, then practically sat still cuz the colts were so bad they couldn’t have beat a high school team at the time . The pats blamed it on the flu lol .plus when I saw all the pro manning commercials before the playoffs that years I knew they were gonna give to him because he was owed one. Also that year when the pats plated at Baltimore and had 4 4th downs to win the game , even as a pat fan i was disgusted !
    Come on people it is a half a trillion dollar a year entertainment money maker , and that’s what we can count .
    I can show and name countless games , not just in the NFL that are fixed . But hey, you guys go on telling it how it supposed to be, but not what in reality that it actually is .
    I know the truth, but my question is ? how many out there truely know that the NFL fixes games, not all but too many to make it a game that will last a lifetime . As for me i know the truth and see it almost every weekend. Why do you think they keep the pass interference call unreviewable ? It gives up the most yards, it’s the most controversial call in the game and it’s a game changer .
    I don’t care to reveal that what I say is true . I know it is !
    It’s the NFL that needs to care if what i saw is true !
    You decide . I already know . I can back it up with surprizing testimonies .
    Let’s get it on !
    As for the rest of sports , don’t worry , I have it on you also .
    Best Regards

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