Evidence In (and Gone): Pats Cheated in Super Bowls

In “Pats’ tapes are gone, but questions remain,” Gregg Easterbrook begins:

Reader Abhijit Kumbare of San Jose, Calif., writes, “It is very fishy that the NFL immediately destroyed all the evidence submitted by the Patriots.” Steve Libenson of New York writes, “Consider what the press reaction would have been if David Stern had collected all the evidence about the ref altering games, then immediately destroyed that evidence without saying what it showed, and did so four days after going on national television and promising to get to the bottom of things.”
Fishy, indeed. On Sunday, Sept. 16, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell went on national TV and promised he would get to the bottom of the Patriots’ sign-stealing. Four days later, the NFL announced all videotapes and other spying materials compiled by the Patriots had been obtained by the league and destroyed. Goodell, who until then had been very upfront in addressing the Beli-Cheat scandal, didn’t go back on television to say what the tapes contained; the commissioner has been in radio silence about the Patriots since the files arrived at the NFL’s Park Avenue headquarters. The league acted in a hurry to dispose of damning documents, but has not revealed what was in the tapes and notes, nor said why there was a rush to get rid of them.

The lack of answers leaves several questions hanging out there. Chief among them: Is it possible the Patriots’ tapes showed some evidence of New England cheating in a Super Bowl?

Fishy yes. Maybe even illegal. No doubt whatsoever: The Pats have cheated at the maximum throughout all their championship runs, including the Super Bowls. The evidence was on the tapes. Which is why a pitiful man, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, had them destroyed. The NFL has gone to H in a handbasket on his watch. “Forget the integrity of the game,” Goodell might have said behind closed doors (or in silent prayer), “just save my job.”

So an unscrupulous villain, Bill Belichick, gets a pass and football gets the shaft.

Fire Goodell.

(More here.)


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