Belichick on Belichick: “Some of the things I do are pretty dumb”

“Yes, I think it’s pretty amusing. Some of the things I do are pretty dumb. I appreciate the compliments, but I wouldn’t use that adjective.” –On being referred to as a genius

On film study:
“I think I had an appreciation for it early. A lot of times, guys don’t watch film until they get to college. But I was 10 years old and studying it. Film was important to me.” (24 Oct 2004)

We now know it’s very important to him.

being defending champions
“We’re not defending anything.” (30 Jan 2005)

And that goes for today, too. Mum’s the word.

“If preserving the integrity of the game and presenting it in the right way involves getting lower ratings, then that’s what we’re going to have to accept. If that’s what we have to do to, if that’s the deal, then that’s the deal. This can’t become the XFL.” (19 Nov 2004)

I think he forgot he said this.

Why he doesn’t do his own taping:
“I’m kind of a detail-oriented person, and I don’t mind doing the details. But I found through time that I’m better off not getting involved in those things, so I can do a better job of managing the team. What I found out is that a lot of people do those jobs better than I would have done anyway.” (31 Jan 2002)

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