Patriots Can’t Prove They Won Fairly

What Roger Goodell thought he did by destroying the Patriots’ illegal tapes is exactly the opposite of what he actually did. Goodell thought he made it impossible to prove the Pats cheated in their Super Bowls. Instead, he made it impossible for New England to prove they didn’t. Everyone (rightly) assumes Belicheat’s boys profited from ill-gotten info in their three biggest wins. What the fans need is evidence that they didn’t. Until we see proof Bill’s boys are clean, we should assume they’re not. But they had to do it. Knowing they are guilty without the evidence is just a little bit better than knowing they are guilty with the evidence. There was no way to prove their innocence from the tapes … because they’re not innocent.

Roger Goodell has succeeded in something. He has successfully extended this ethics scandal/integrity crisis to the league office. Now, who’s guarding the hen house?


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