Ohio State Number One

Thoughts from Saturday.

Illinois is not for real. They lost, 10-6, to Iowa.

#16 Hawaii should drop in the rankings, narrowly defeating a 3-4 San Jose State team (by 7).

Wisconsin should be bounced from the top 25, having lost, 38-7, to Penn State.

USC has to drop. They barely beat 2-5 Arizona (by 7). And the team that beat them last week, Stanford, couldn’t beat a .500 team, TCU.

Ohio State has to be number one.


1 Response to “Ohio State Number One”

  1. 1 thesportscorner October 15, 2007 at 1:17 am

    Illinois is young and they’ll have a down week like that. I expect them to rebound and beat Michigan this week.
    I agree about Hawaii, they’ll be the cloud hanging over this season until they finally blow a game.
    USC, though, started Marc Sanchez for the first time and I think that gives them some leeway there. The AP did drop them from 10 to 13 and that’s fair, at least until the Oregon game.

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