Bikini-Clad Teens Asked to Leave; School Was Right

Two Florida Teens who went to school in bikini tops and shorts with body painting with their school colors prior to their homecoming game were asked to leave by school administration.

“At first all they received were compliments.” Well, yeah, mostly from the guys, I’m sure.

When the two were told by the principal “they had to leave because they were causing a distraction and were violating the school’s dress code, they were shocked.” How shocking. Who would have thought that wearing a bikini to school would violate the dress code?

“He just told us to leave,” Cummings told MyFOXTampaBay. “Just flat out, ‘You ladies need to leave.’”

Sounds like a reasonable action by the principal to me.

And one of the mothers is protesting the principal’s action.

People, we have come too far if a school principal can’t enact some sort of dress code. Yes, every teenage boy in sight of those girls would have been distracted all day … and given them lots of compliments. This principal is a better judge of what is good for his school and its students than these girls’ mothers.

(Read the story here.)


3 Responses to “Bikini-Clad Teens Asked to Leave; School Was Right”

  1. 1 Matt October 17, 2007 at 11:27 pm

    Now, sure, under normal circumstances, wearing a bikini top to school would be cause for a forced change of attire. But, this was homecoming, a spirit event for crying out loud. The administration should be happy the students are getting involved and showing school spirit; I know when I was in high school there was nothing even resembling that kind of support for the athletic programs. Heck, some of the small colleges I’ve been around struggle to generate spirit like that.

    Let’s be serious, it’s not like they were parading around in swimsuits an attempt to flaunt their bodies. They had the bikini tops on to cover up their private areas while allowing themselves to paint the remainder of their upper bodies in the school colors. I’d be willing to bet that if a male student had showed up shirtless and with his chest painted, he’d have been lauded for showing his school spirit, and yet, these girls are scolded? For shame.

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