Lofton, Grow Up

This is the playoffs. Don’t act like a little kid.

In the fifth inning, after Kenny Lofton dropped his bat on a 3-0 pitch that was called a strike (and was a strike), he popped up on the next pitch. Beckett yelled something at Lofton and Lofton barked all the way down the first base line, then crossed into the field toward Beckett before being separated from Beckett by umpires. The teams left the dugouts.

Come on, guys, this is the playoffs. Lofton should probably have been ejected but they don’t want to do that in a game of this magnitude. Both of you, play the game and put your insults in your pockets.

Lofton, especially … the old man of the series … should be above this kind of display. And he is more at fault than Beckett, who apparently just barked an impulsive shout. Lofton released a stream of invective and then moved menacingly toward the Red Sox ace. We don’t need to see this, from either man … definitely not from the most-seasoned veteran.

I like Kenny Lofton. He even played for my favorite team once. (Of course he’s played for just about everyone’s favorite team at least once.) But this is beneath him. It’s beneath any Major Leaguer. It’s beneath any adult.

So Kenny, grow up. You can start by apologizing to the fans.


1 Response to “Lofton, Grow Up”

  1. 1 FireDannyAinge October 18, 2007 at 10:56 pm

    He has done this before. He did it to Josh back in 95 and has been known for acting this way in the past.

    Why would he change.?

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