Palmer, Go Ahead and Get Mad

Carson Palmer is apologizing for blowing up at receiver Chad Johnson … twice in two games.

You’re 1-4 and your primadonna receiver is getting you intercepted by running the wrong routes. Don’t apologize.

“I have lost my cool a couple of times,” Palmer said, “and I apologize for that. I’ll try to contain myself and be calm.”

The Bengals need some fire. And they need Chad Johnson to come under some fire. Twice in two games Johnson has had trouble running a route, once going the wrong way and once slowing down. Both times the Bengals and Palmer suffered for it. The Bengals lost and Palmer was saddled with two interceptions that shouldn’t be on his record.

Why are there no negative stats for receivers?

I remember a game that San Francisco and Chicago played to Sudden Death when Terrell Owens was a member of the Forty-Niners. A perfect pass clunked off T.O.’s hands and into the waiting hands of Mike Brown who returned it for a touchdown and a Bears victory.

That showed up as an interception for the QB but made no kind of dent in T.O.’s dossier.

So, don’t apologize, Palmer. Get ticked and stay ticked until you win, and until your high-paid receiver quits serving up interceptions that plunk down only on your record.


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