Red Sox Will Get the Love; Head Back to Fenway

Beckett dominates again.

Boston knocked out C.C. Sabathia and, behind Josh Beckett’s predictably amazing stuff (at least after the first inning), got ready to head back to the friendly confines of Fenway Park after defeating the Cleveland Indians, 7-1.

And though the game is an elimination game for them, the series is now as close as a five-game series can be, with the visiting team (Cleveland) up 3-2 going into the sixth game. (A number of the players on the Tribe have made it clear they did not want to go back to Boston … and the celebration-ready fans at the Jake were devastated at the loss of the planned festivities.)

Super-closer Jonathan Papelbon was not needed tonight, but still relieved Beckett in the ninth, no doubt to get a bit of work to tune up for the weekend. Somehow it seemed justice for Kenny Lofton, who put on an unsportsmanlike display earlier in the game, to make the final out (he was still grousing about called strikes during this at bat) … but that didn’t happen as he walked on a 3-2 count before the final out.

The Red Sox will have the love and support of their home crowd for the remaining game(s). And Curt Schilling, a Boston folk hero, will carry their hopes to the mound on Saturday. He will have the opportunity to continue to build his legend … and the Boston mystique.


2 Responses to “Red Sox Will Get the Love; Head Back to Fenway”

  1. 1 FireDannyAinge October 18, 2007 at 10:55 pm

    Schilling gets another chance to be the hero. Lets hope he does it .

    Lets also hope the hitting stays awake.

  1. 1 My Personal “Keep Me Up To Date On The Top News” blog » Red Sox Will Get the Love; Head Back to Fenway Trackback on October 18, 2007 at 10:39 pm

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