The Juice in Hot Water

Out of principal I have resisted doing anything about O.J. Simpson up to now. But a blog called “Sports and Ethics” has to eventually get to the most unethical of sports figures.

When he confronted two sports memorabilia dealers, according to a co-defendant Walter Alexander, who has copped a plea and will testify against the Hall of Famer, “O.J. said, ‘Hey, just bring some firearms.”‘

Simpson said the guns were “so that these people know that, you know, we’re here for business.”

Apparently one of Simpson’s men got carried away and flashed the gun, but there is no proof O.J. tried to restrain him.

Co-defendant Charles Cashmore has also agreed to a plea deal. And the Juice is in trouble.

How the mighty have fallen. There are plenty of accounts of wayward superstars, a few who have gotten into crime. But O.J.’s true story reads like bad fiction. The things he keeps getting involved in—alleged murder, If I Did It, this incident and more—just boggle the mind. No one would believe this if it were fiction.

Michael Vick has rightly been the target of a lot of disdain; but the “alleged” O.J. makes Vick look like a Boy Scout.

Decent folk everywhere are hoping this is the last wacky saga from the one-time king of football.

(Read the AP report here.)


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