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Cowboys Win; T.O. Does Volleyball Impersonation

The Dallas Cowboys (11-1) defeated the Green Bay Packers (10-2), 37-27, last night in Texas, taking a huge advantage in the home-field-advantage race in the NFC. In a game televised only on NFL Network and thus leaving a lot of fans out in the cold and unable to see this marquee match-up, it was also disappointing that Brett Favre was injured early, meaning the NFC match of the season would not be decided by a head-to-head battle of the two QB stars.

But Aaron Rodgers surprised everyone. He actually performed better than Favre had before he left … and gave GB a real chance to win.

Terrell Owens had a great game but did another of his volleyball impersonations, clubbing a sure, short touchdown pass right to him with brick-like hands, and serving the ball gently into the arms of the Packers’ grateful Al Harris. (Shades of the time he did this as a member of the San Francisco 49ers, batting an easy catch to DB Mike Jones early in overtime with the Chicago Bears, which Jones promptly returned for a game-ending TD.)

T.O. also gave away another one that the incompetent refs covered for him on. Al Harris clearly stripped T.O. for an interception . Replay should have been able to reverse this. But we’re back to a blundering ref blowing a whistle at the wrong tim, saying “forward progress was stopped.” No way.

Will Favre return? The Pack may need him to lead them again on this same field in the playoffs.


Thanksgiving Football Games

Having just recently finished observing this honored custom of watching football on Thanksgiving, let’s reflect on these words that show not everyone in the house may have the same view of this tradition:

“Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence.” (Erma Bombeck)

Sean Taylor Murder Puts Football in Perspective

Sean Taylor, the young Pro Bowl safety for the Washington Redskins is dead, shot by an intruder in his Miami home. He died yesterday after being attacked the day before. The bullet, fired into his groin, severed an artery and he lost a massive amount of blood before medical care arrived.

This puts the NFL in perspective. Though football fans treat the NFL with life-and-death type intensity it is, after all, only a game. This one act of senseless violence transcends all of the NFL’s games. Sports will go on, and the public will eventually forget. But Sean Taylor’s friends and family will never forget. Let’s keep them in our prayers.

And let’s keep football in perspective. Life and eternity are far more important.

Dolphins Go Down (in the Muck)

In shameful unprecedented muck in Pittsburgh, the Miami Dolphins had their first crack at a victory—or a tie—this year. They played the Steelers straight up for more than 59 minutes, losing 3-0 in the closing seconds on a short field goal. Most viewers not from Pittsburgh were rooting for the hitherto hapless Dolphins. But, alas, they remained hapless and went down by a margin of three or less for the sixth time in their 0-11 streak. It was the lowest scoring game in Monday Night Football history.

I was hoping for a Miami miracle (maybe 2-0 on a safety), or better yet, a 5-quarter 0-0 tie.

Consequences Escalate for Marion Jones

Marion Jones is already infamous … and a possible jail term looms. The International Association of Athletics Federation voided all of her results since September 2000, including her Olympic and world championship titles. They also told her to return her all the prize money she won for those events … some $700,000.

Jones claims she is broke.

(Read the original story.)

Cornhuskers Put Up 51 … and Lose

The Not-so-big Red lost its last chance to avoid a losing season on a day when they put up 51 points. They gave up 65 to Colorado. Both teams came in at 5-6, guaranteeing the winner a break-even season and the loser a losing record and no bowl bid.

The 116 points scored are not the result of the phony stats invoked by overtime games; they were put up in regulation. There is sorrow in Lincoln as the once proud Huskers were lit up for 60 points for the second time in a month.

What now for Bill Callahan? I’m guessing his fourth year was his last.

Lewd Practices at Giants Stadium

It has become a halftime ritual at Jets games: drunken male fans harassing women and shouting for them to expose their breasts. Some women comply. When the men don’t get what they want, they boo, spit and throw beer bottles at the women.

Feminist author Naomi Wolf said, “This is a sign of the degradation of public morality in America. I don’t want my daughter to be exposed to this.”

The practice has been reported only at Jets games, not Giants games. Some fans have been kicked out, mostly females for indecent exposure. It is said the abusive male fans are hard to pinpoint.

I’ve been to my share of games where drunken fans interfered significantly with my enjoyment of the game. The Jets have to stop this now, before violence accompanies the sexual abuse. This kind of performance has no place anywhere, and people who purchased tickets have a right to enjoy the game without drunken perverts spoiling it.