Lewd Practices at Giants Stadium

It has become a halftime ritual at Jets games: drunken male fans harassing women and shouting for them to expose their breasts. Some women comply. When the men don’t get what they want, they boo, spit and throw beer bottles at the women.

Feminist author Naomi Wolf said, “This is a sign of the degradation of public morality in America. I don’t want my daughter to be exposed to this.”

The practice has been reported only at Jets games, not Giants games. Some fans have been kicked out, mostly females for indecent exposure. It is said the abusive male fans are hard to pinpoint.

I’ve been to my share of games where drunken fans interfered significantly with my enjoyment of the game. The Jets have to stop this now, before violence accompanies the sexual abuse. This kind of performance has no place anywhere, and people who purchased tickets have a right to enjoy the game without drunken perverts spoiling it.


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