Brian Westbrook, the NFL’s Most Unselfish Player

With the clock running down to the 2-minute warning in Dallas and the Philadelphia Eagles up 10-6 on the Cowboys, Brian Westbrook broke into the open for a certain touchdown. But he stopped at the one and fell to the ground, hurting his own stats but guaranteeing a win for his team.

The Cowboys were out of timeouts. If Westbrook scores, Dallas has 2 minutes to get 2 scores … a longshot but still a possibility. A quick score, a successful onsides kick, and another score and the Cowboys could actually win. Unlikely, but very possible.

By forgoing his own stats in favor of the team, Westbrook guaranteed a win for the Eagles. Three kneel-downs killed the clock. Westbrook puts himself a cut above the rest of the league, especially all those guys who care most about their own stats. Speaking of that, Terrell Owens had an ineffective game and again had the dropsies, dropping a key pass that could have been a leading TD. (Tony Romo was also ineffective; Jessica Simpson was not a good-luck charm.)

Sports and Ethics awards its first  Sports and Ethics Award of Merit to Brian Westbrook, the NFL’s most unselfish player.


3 Responses to “Brian Westbrook, the NFL’s Most Unselfish Player”

  1. 2 jimmy blitz December 18, 2007 at 9:04 am

    Brian Westbrook is really stupid for doing that. He has now raised questions that he might indeed be a CHEAT! Yes, a cheat. Think about it , at the end a basketball game if a player intentinally missed a basket, They would say he is shaving points. Now, Brian Westbrook a CHEAT? Well, did ya ever think Mark Mcgruire or andy Pettie would have been cheats. Or even Ahead Coach like Bill bilchick. I guess I feel why tarnish the game Mr Westbrook? For all we know his brother could be in trouble with drugs or gambling and they told Westbrook not to score for the over and under or something to that nature. You see where I am going with this….. You just never know so why do something that hurts the game.

  2. 3 Dannie December 21, 2007 at 8:37 pm

    Nice post. I wrote a similar one here:

    Jimmy blitz what the hell are you talking about a cheat. He effectively ended the game and guarenteed a win for the Eagles by doing that. Also, if you followed the story John Runyan told Westbrook in the huddle before the play “if you break loose, fall down, fall down” and during the actual play he was running after Westbrook telling him to fall down. Your comment might be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read.

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