Refs Hand Game to Cowboys; Officiating Partial?

“The pass interference play that wasn’t.” —Bryant Gumbel 

No neutral viewer (which I was in this game) could go away from this game thinking both teams got an even shake. Call after call went against the Carolina Panthers, who would have upset Dallas without the apparent complicity of the officials. It was obvious the refs were calling marginal penalties against Carolina while ignoring egregious violations of the rules against the preferred ‘Boys, especially the obvious pass interference, run repeatedly on the NFL Network, that Gumbel and Collingsworth both agreed had to be a penalty and totally reversed the fortunes of the game. 

Even with all the refs did for them, Dallas could only muster a 20-13 victory.

They didn’t earn it. Dallas fans can’t be proud about this one. It was a shameful display by the officials and, for at least one game, put the Cowboys on the same moral low-ground as the New England Patriots. Appropriate, I guess, since the two teams may meet in the Super Bowl. Only something has changed, at least for me. Up till tonight I would have been rooting for Dallas in that game. After tonight’s preferential, shameful display, I’ll have a hard time watching that game, if indeed it does materialize. 

John Fox, you’ve got a right to be angry. The officiating system, in front of the whole world, let you down, and cast doubt upon the integrity of the system.

Cowboys fans, hang your heads.


3 Responses to “Refs Hand Game to Cowboys; Officiating Partial?”

  1. 1 Shane December 24, 2007 at 2:24 pm

    The calls and no-calls did favor the Cowboys. Refs make mistakes. And sometimes the don’t make the same mistake both ways.

    Was there any motivation for the refs to throw this one? The only thing up for grabs was whether or not Dallas or Green Bay gets the #1 playoff seed. Green Bay is hugely popular, as is Dallas. I’m not sure there’s a reason the NFL or the refs would want that game biased.

  2. 2 ROI ALUNA January 8, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    *The Asterisk

    “Honesty pays, but it don’t seem to pay
    enough to suit a lot of people.”- Kin Hubbard


    No matter how many times you polish a football team’s turd, wrap it in the American flag, bless it by the football aficionados… it still a turd likewise no matter how many times you call the the
    New England Patriots road to perfection and lauded…giving them accolades of success it is still a turd team and has the smell and stench of a turd all over the football world…its a sham!!!


    The integrity of the sport
    they did not care
    winning is everything
    by hook or crook they will get their share.

    The New England UnPatriots Making the call
    for the darker impulses
    of the American spirit in football.


    “On any given Sunday, any team in our league cannnot beat another team when they cheat…
    (and thats it).”

    *The Asterisk – “When you’re not cheating, you’re not reallying trying”…..Chargers’ LaDainian Tomlinson

    It was the stealth crew of Coach Bill Belichick’s con men so emotionally obnoxious that they believe it is possible to cheat the public, take coveted awards and walk away clean even when caught in the act they still proceed as if nothing had happened and still go after the polluted prize
    this will vindicate us
    they surmised
    but it will began their mighty decrepit bully’s demise.

    The N.F.L. Commissioner Roger Goodell Commissioner
    2006-present acquieses with their lies
    there is money to be made he cries
    let all look to the future and forget about their spies….
    road to perfection
    thats our selection.

    (it sells tickets even if it fouls
    the game they think they are like the smartie owls
    watching sninister Belichick and his hooded cowl.)

    The Patriots were subsequently found guilty of violating league policy by attempting to videotape the offensive or defensive signals of the Jets, who reportedly tipped off league officials.

    That led to a US dollars 500,000 fine for New England coach Bill Belichick and a US dollars 250,000 fine for the organisation. New England were also stripped of a conditional draft pick or picks in 2008.

    OH!!! THAT HURTS!!! When they make millions for their crooked minions.

    Just like Barry Bonds
    the steroid con
    for baseball who took advantage of his fellow players dishonestly and basked as tainted glory record slayer.

    The New England Patriots
    who cheated their fellow players for perfection
    will leave a bad taste in our mouths even if there is an *Asterick correction.

    Patriots Football Team who made a deal with the devil
    -a Faustian bargain on His level.

    Striving to perfection through deception- spygate.
    Why honestly losing is what they hate.

    Just like the Patriot Act discredited freedom & democracy.
    Patriot Acts spying/lying has discredited the great sport of “Football” that’s there legacy.

    It will never be the same
    if they win the
    what ashame.

    Even Shady Brady and their
    co-conspirators throught their cheatings
    just like sociopaths have not qualms or feelings they just do their thing – to them it’s appealing even when by hook or crook they were cheating.

    We and our drinking buddies will never watch sordid soiled bastard game again it has been denuded
    by those who were sneaking behind the scenes convoluded.

    I don’t know who you are, but your e-mail made my day.
    Joe D’Ambrosio
    Play By Play, SportsTalk Host

    CBS Radio
    10 Executive Drive
    Farmington – Connecticut
    phone 860-284-9842
    Fax 860-284-9842

    Content I live, this is my stay,
    I seek no more than may suffice;
    I press to bear no haughty sway;
    Look, what I lack my mind supplies.
    Lo! Thus I triumph like a king,
    Content with that my mind doth bring but no cheating.



  3. 3 JBall February 10, 2008 at 9:47 am

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