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What’s Wrong with Baseball

As we prepare to continue this series here is a review of numbers 7-10 of the list. Click on the titles to read the articles. Number 6 to appear soon.

10: Wimpy Pitchers

9: The Designated Hitter

8: Cheating

7: The Concept of the Closer


Man Swallows 60 Condoms, Feels Sick … Duh

In Bangkok, Thailand a man was brought to a hospital by friends who said he was complaining of stomach pains. Doctors discovered 60 condoms in his stomach … filled with hashish. Some of the condoms had burst.

51-year-old Australian John Paul Jones is in critical condition … and his friends have disappeared.

If he recovers, Jones will face drug trafficking charges.

Talk about dumb crooks.

Hole-in-One for 85-Year-Old, Blind Golfing Vet

The best story on the links does not come from the Masters, which is being contested right now, and has had its own hole-in-one story.

The best story comes from Green Valley, Arizona where the AP reports this:

An 85-year-old legally blind golfer from southern Arizona made a hole-in-one this week on a par-3 course. Robert Dunham accomplished the feat on the third hole at Tortuga in Green Valley.

Playing with a group of fellow blind veterans enrolled in a Veterans Affairs health care system program, Dunham’s volunteer assistant lined him up with the ball, handed him a 9-iron and stepped back.

How many of you macho golfer guys can say you’ve done this?

This is terrific. And it’s great it happened to a veteran!

Naked Fly Fishing … With the Veep?

The Internet is abuzz with allegations of Vice President Dick Cheney reflecting the image of a nude female in his sunglasses. And smiling broadly.

But no, this is not a new kind of fly fishing; it is the regular old kind. If you google “Cheney” and “sunglasses” right now you will get 144,000 hits. This blog is a woeful number 144,001. All buzzing on an insane topic. Is that a naked female reflected in his sunglasses? Definitely a big story if so.

But it’s not. Take a look at the blown-up photo on this post from the L.A. Times. It’s simply a hand casting a fly rod.

Yes, the buzz that has been created about this should teach us a lesson. Uh, when I figure it out, I’ll let you know. … Oh, yeah. “Don’t believe everything you read” and “Don’t you have something better to do?”

Yes, you’re even wasting your time reading this … unless it might cause you to not waste a lot of time trying to figure out those sunglasses.

Kansas Over Memphis in NCAA Final: It Wasn’t a Classic

Some misguided sports commentators are calling Kansas’ 75-68 overtime victory over Memphis last night in the NCAA final a classic.

It was no classic … except to Jayhawks fans. For them it is rightly so. And, yes, that was an amazing comeback and an incredible 3-pointer to send it to OT.

But any game at this level that is decided by free throws, where one team throws up wildly errant attempts—from the charity stripe—and the bricks hopelessly clang off metal repeatedly … where one team chokes, over and over and over again from the free-throw line no less, can’t be called a classic.

I am not a fan of Memphis or Kansas. It didn’t really matter to me who won. And there was a certain amount of excitement. But how can Memphis even lift their heads after producing such woeful attempts when all they needed was one more miserable free throw to win the nation’s championship?

No, Memphis deserved to lose. They shot free throws like little boys chunking deflated orbs at a hoop with no net in a playground pick-up game.

Fans deserve better.

The one thing this game made famous is the strategy that won it— Hack-a-Tiger.