Pitiful Broncos Ride Ref Partiality to “Victory”

NFL officials found two creative ways to give the Denver Broncos the 15 points they needed to “win” over the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers had no way to win this game. If the Broncos had needed 7 more points, the refs would have found a third creative way to pad the score of the undeserving hometown pitiful Broncos.

Denver’s first seven points were handed to them in a first-ever manner of partiality. With 11:30 to go in the first quarter, Philip Rivers passed short to C.Chambers. Champ Bailey faked an interception/fumble recovery, which the complicitous refs gave him. Replay showed Chambers’ elbow clearly down before Bailey wrestled the ball loose. It was challenged by Norv Turner so the refs would have to get it right … right?

Wrong! The home team’s homeboys found a way to put the replay equipment on the fritz so the refs refused to make the correct call. Millions of people watching on TV could see it; refs said they couldn’t … and wouldn’t wait for it to be fixed. Seven points from the refs for Denver, as the horses scored.

Then, with the Chargers leading by 7 and less than a minute to go, Jay Cutler fumbled away the game as the Chargers recovered. It was right in front of ref Ed Hochuli so this couldn’t be fouled up, right? Wrong again. The head ump called it incomplete, even though the ball went flying backwards, and Cutler came forward with an empty hand. There is seriously no way any competent official could have blown this call. But he did … intentionally?

OK, so everything is going against the Chargers, but this time replay should help them, right? Wrong yet again. Though the replay was working and the call was reversed to a fumble, the whistle was blown before the San Diego recovery. Broncos score. The refs have now given them 13 points.

No Risk

Mike Shanahan stuns everyone by eschewing the one-point extra point to tie and going for two. “What courage!” you say. They made it; they win, 39-38. But there was no risk. I’m convinced that the refs were primed to call a penalty on the Chargers as many times as needed until Denver made a two-pointer.

This was a bad game for football. I’m no San Diego Charger fan, but any objective viewer has to admit, this was one of the greatest ever travesties against a team, and one of the most blatant instances of official incompetentence/favoritism in NFL history.

Chargers fans, your guys won that game. Broncos fans, hang your heads. Any team that has to win that way should be ashamed to put on the uniform.

NBA fans learned awhile back that NBA refs were betting on the games. Could this be what was happening today?

It’s one of two things: gross, repeated incompetence; or corruption.

This season, Mike Shanahan may be the new Bill Belichick.


4 Responses to “Pitiful Broncos Ride Ref Partiality to “Victory””

  1. 1 Ryan September 14, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    What a crazy game! I cant believe I sold my tickets on http://www.eSellOut.com because I thought getting $60 per tickets was nice! Dang! Oh well! It was a sick sick game! Going for 2 at the end now that takes balls.


  2. 2 Michelle September 14, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    I agree! This game was seriously effed up.
    I was so mad. This may end up costing them the playoffs.

    Every game that the Chargers have lost has been by one point, and two out of three games, it’s been at the last second/minute.

  3. 3 LK September 16, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    Pitiful is a kind word for a team that has to win like that. Denver couldn’t do it on their own, that was obvious.

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