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Beavers Are Better Than Trojans!

Oregon State manhandles #1 USC, 27-21, dominating far more than the final score reveals. The evil Trojans fall to the Beavers for the second straight time in Corvallis. It’s also the second time the Beavers knocked off a number 1 Trojan team.

Oregon State never trailed and made all the clutch plays when they needed them. Jacquizz “Quiz” Rodgers had a huge day, greatly aided by his brother.

It is the day of miracles.


Bobby Petrino Joins the Nick Sabin League

Bobby Petrino is not popular in Atlanta. After urging his embattled team to “play all four quarters” each game, Petrino skipped town after 13 games in his first season with the Falcons. Shades of Nick Sabin. When the going got tough, Petrino got going. The players, Atlanta fans, Georgia, and all NFL viewers are rightly upset with such a low-class display. We call upon players to display character. When head coaches show so little of it, we can only pity the players who have to play under them.

And wasn’t it tacky to hold that celebratory press conference where Petrino was heralded as the Second Coming of Arkansas football? Not only did he shaft the innocent Falcons, he also was shown partying on television right after he did it. ‘Tis pitiful for a human being to act that way.

No Surprise; Tebow Wins Heisman

A few sports writers are acting like prognostigating oracles for correctly predicting Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow would win the Heisman trophy last night. Hey, guys, everybody knew this. Tebow had to win.

Now if only the NCAA national title were as clearcut. But it’s not, no matter who wins which games.

Give us playoffs for the title! 

Cornhuskers Put Up 51 … and Lose

The Not-so-big Red lost its last chance to avoid a losing season on a day when they put up 51 points. They gave up 65 to Colorado. Both teams came in at 5-6, guaranteeing the winner a break-even season and the loser a losing record and no bowl bid.

The 116 points scored are not the result of the phony stats invoked by overtime games; they were put up in regulation. There is sorrow in Lincoln as the once proud Huskers were lit up for 60 points for the second time in a month.

What now for Bill Callahan? I’m guessing his fourth year was his last.

Red Raiders Amaze, Stop Sooners

Oklahoma is just the latest top-5 team to be defeated by an unranked one. Sooner QB Sam Bradford was knocked out of the game early with a concussion making a tackle on a fumble return and never returned to the game, won by Texas Tech, 34-27.

Graham Harrell seized the opportunity to become the game’s centerpiece, throwing 72 times with 47 completions, including two touchdowns. He also ran for a score.

The game against the #4-ranked Sooners was not as close as it seems by the final score. The Red Raiders once sported a 34-10 lead and seemed in command before a frantic comeback by the Sooners fell just short.

Amazing, surprisingly dominant Red Raiders!

Sports Soaps Top 5 of the Week

The U.S. sports scene has been providing a bumper crop of soap operas.

1. Barry Bonds: Finally indicted.
2. A-Rod: Mr. Not-October slinks back to New York.
3. O.J.: Is America ready for another trial?
4. Stephon Marbury: AWOL egoist pays.
5. Ricky Williams: Desperate Dolphins tap sober former-superstar.

Dishonorable Mention:

Joe Glenn/Kyle Whittingham: Coaches prove they can be less mature than the students they coach. [story]
Michael Vick: Continuing saga.
Belichick/Patriots: The coach fans love to hate.

The Finger and the Run-Up: Two Coaches Make Very Bad Decisions in Same Game

Wyoming coach Joe Glenn made a very bad decision in the midst of his team’s 50-0 drubbing at the hands of Utah Saturday. Moments before, Utes coach Kyle Whittingham had also made a bad decision.

Ahead 43-0 and kicking off following a field goal, the Utes executed an unsuccessful onsides kick, an obvious attempt to run up the score. Glenn flashed his middle finger at Whittingham, a surprising loss of good judgment for an NCAA coach.

Glenn had more than one reason to be embarrassed. Besides being down 43-0 at the time, he was clearly replaying in his head the tape of him guaranteeing a victory over Utah at a school function earlier in the week. This is also a surprising loss of good judgment for an NCAA coach.

Glenn was reprimanded by his conference. Today he apologized. He initially claimed he didn’t remember the gesture, but eventually acknowledged it. “I met with my team on Sunday and apologized to them for the gesture I made toward the Utah bench during the game,” Glenn said. “I also want to apologize to all fans for that action. Football is an emotional game, and I let my emotions get the best of me. I felt it was appropriate for me to let my team and all fans know that I am truly sorry for that emotional moment.”

For his part, Whittingham also acknowledged the onsides kick while up 43-0 was indeed a “bad decision.”

Both of these coaches get bad marks for character. Forgiveness, when asked, should be given. But both of these guys need to make some kind of positive contribution to the character of the young men they lead, to make up for the bad influence their actions conveyed.

NCAA coaches are big boys. They should know better. And they should care more about making a positive impact on young lives than throwing an obscene tirade at an enemy or trying to grind a guy’s face in the dirt for something he foolishly said.

Now, having apologized, Joe Glenn and Kyle Whittingham need to do some “community service.” They need to make some kind of clear positive contribution to make up for their childish antics. And they both need to grow up.