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Hole-in-One for 85-Year-Old, Blind Golfing Vet

The best story on the links does not come from the Masters, which is being contested right now, and has had its own hole-in-one story.

The best story comes from Green Valley, Arizona where the AP reports this:

An 85-year-old legally blind golfer from southern Arizona made a hole-in-one this week on a par-3 course. Robert Dunham accomplished the feat on the third hole at Tortuga in Green Valley.

Playing with a group of fellow blind veterans enrolled in a Veterans Affairs health care system program, Dunham’s volunteer assistant lined him up with the ball, handed him a 9-iron and stepped back.

How many of you macho golfer guys can say you’ve done this?

This is terrific. And it’s great it happened to a veteran!