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It’s a Bad Day When You Lose, 89-17

Yep, it’s a bad day in the NFL when you lose by a 72-point margin. Never happen you say? A lot of fans are homers. I contend this is the purist form of fan, those who are faithful to the teams where they live … or where they lived. There are a bunch of people in the San Francisco Bay Area who root for both the Forty-Niners and the clutsy Oakland Raiders.

Faithful fans stick with their teams through good and bad. No one was surprised when the Raiders had a 44-7 put up on them. They may be the worst team ever. But Niners fans were caught off guard by the 45-10 drubbing they took at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons.

Put them together and Bay Area fans lost by a combined 89-17. Now that’s a bad day.


Dark Day for the NFL

When the New England Patriots came back in the fourth quarter last night to defeat the game New York Giants, it capped a dark day in the history of professional football. Yes, the Pats won, aided by the superstar syndrome—the refs finding things to call against the Pats’ opponents and clearly ignoring more egregious violations on behalf of the league’s pretty boys.
One penalty they ignored was a clear leg-whip block by Randy Moss that sprung a big play for Roger Goodell’s favorites. Moss is one of the reasons this is a dark day for the NFL. The egotistical one will play only for a winner, no matter how much he is paid. He did a royal job on the Oakland Raiders by taking their money, then refusing to put out. Moss is worse than T.O. He only plays when he feels like it. And he doesn’t have the courage or stamina of  T.O.
The Patriots made Moss a star, not vice versa. Maybe he just is not good enough to put up the stats for a lesser team. True superstars are.
Now all the young fans will idolize a bunch of narcissistic cheaters.
Too bad.
One’s only hope is to pray for a miracle … an upset in the playoffs. For that to happen, three things need to take place: Pats have a bad game, opponents have a great game, refs call the game fairly.

Daunte Drowns the Dolphins

Daunte Culpepper vindicated himself against his old team by leading the Oakland Raiders to a 35-17 victory in Miami against the Dolphins following a deluge. He threw for two touchdowns and ran for three, pointing to his knee, the reason Miami let him go, after one of them. It was a bitter pill for Dolphins fans, vindication for Culpepper, and a glimmer of hope for longsuffering Raiders faithful.

Incompetent Refs, Part 1

Refs and the Last-Second Field Goal

A week ago the Oakland Raiders lost a game when a good field goal was called back because a feeble referee attempt to call time out came too late and too quietly. Janikowski doinked the next one and the refs gave the game to an undeserving Bronco team. Yesterday, the refs evened it out with a similar shameful act that let the Raiders have one back at the expense of the Cleveland Browns.

This is shameful. No matter what the rules are about letting the ref know you want a time-out at the last second, the referee is honor bound to stop the play before the snap. It’s unfair to make any kicker kick the same field goal twice. That first kick takes something out of them; the second kick is always harder.

The rule either needs to be changed or we need to get better refs. There is too much at stake in this multi-billion dollar industry to let incompetent referees continue to reverse the rightful outcome of games.