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Senseless Death of Chris Henry

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry is dead.

Henry was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after being found on a residential road “apparently suffering life-threatening injuries,” according to police.

Police said a dispute began at a home about a half-mile away, and Henry jumped into the bed of the pickup truck as his fiancee was driving away from the residence.

Police said at some point when she was driving, Henry “came out of the back of the vehicle.” They wouldn’t identify the woman, and no charges were immediately filed. (AP)

In Charlotte, North Carolina, investigators continued to try to find answers to why Henry and his fiancée had argued, why she left her house in a pickup truck with Henry in the back, and whether a witness was correct that Henry yelled he would kill himself if the fiancée didn’t stop the vehicle.

Bengals players were still stunned Friday by the loss of a teammate and friend, but they pressed on with preparations for Sunday’s 4:15 p.m. game in San Diego with the Chargers. A victory clinches a spot in the NFL playoffs.

Henry’s untimely death and the sudden loss of Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer’s wife will provide a great deal of inspiration for the team with its nine wins and four losses. —

A tragedy like this puts the NFL in perspective. Though football fans treat the NFL with seeming life-and-death intensity, it is, after all, only a game. The significance of this one event transcends all of the on-field heroics and failures of the NFL. Sports will go on. Most of the public will eventually forget Chris Henry. But those who loved him as a person will never forget.